Spanish first for our brand-new VENTUS

Visit us at the INC XXXVII World Nut & Dried Food Congress

This annual trade fair is the largest international event for professionals operating in the nuts and dried fruit sector. More than 1300 participants come together to exchange experiences and knowledge and to network.
This year Optimum Sorting has an extremely good reason for being present.

World premiere for the VENTUS

During the congress, we will be launching our brand-new VENTUS, a dual-sided, freefall laser sorter, especially developed for sorting nuts and dried fruit.

It’s available in different scan widths up to 1800 mm, and its highly stable and reliable lasers are extremely accurate in sorting on the basis of color, shape, structure and biological characteristics. This results in optimal defect detection and an excellent good-to-bad ratio.


The VENTUS may be equipped with up to 16 lasers (and 32 laser detectors). With an impressive laser scanning speed of more than 3300 scans per second, it offers the highest resolution of all laser sorters on the market. In addition, all different laser signals are processed simultaneously by our Multi Dimensional Laser System (MDL) system, which outperforms all other systems.

In order to get an excellent good-to-bad ratio even for the smallest products, you can equip it with a high-resolution valve system: ultra-fast and small blowing jets with a center-to-center distance of 4.6 mm.


INC XXXVII World Nut & Dried Food Congress
Seville, Spain
21 – 23 May 2018, from 07.30 hrs thru’ to 17.00 hrs
You’ll find our team on booth 33.

Looking forward to seeing you then on our stand!
Steve Raskin, CEO

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